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Athlete Spotlights are Back - March 2024 Brandon

It has been a year since I have done an athlete spotlight and it is not short of the amazing athletes I have, but for a few months I didn't have any new joins and the life got really busy with an influx of work opportunities! I am super excited to bring this and regular updates back again!

March 2024's athlete of the month is Brandon Whelan, who I met through our local running group in New Bern, NC. Brandon recently completed his first 50 mile race at Southern Tour Ultras and has already signed up to do it again next year. He is also a triathlete and training for a half iron man in May. Here is my interview with Brandon:

Tell us about yourself?

I'm the Dad of two amazing boys and retired from the Marines in 2022. I enjoy making spontaneous plans with my girlfriend Alie and her kids. After retiring and finally feeling settled in once place, I feel like I'm able to focus inward and enjoy the quality time with my boys and loved ones.

How did you get starting on your running journey?

I remember as a teenager doing 5k Turkey Trots with my dad and sister and a few 10k's but I didn't really focus on running until I began preparing for the Marine Corps a few years after high school. The Marines sure enjoy some running which I found myself to be reasonably decent at but still didn't love it. Fast forward to being retired and the decision to run and for how long is on me, it has become quite the mental health outlet. Oh, and it's not before the sun comes up anymore either.... unless I choose.

What are you currently training for?

White Lake PRO-AM Half Ironman

What is your favorite Run Snack?

Haribo Gummy Bears

What is your favorite Post Run Meal?


What keeps you motivated?

The kids. They're always watching.

Do you have a mantra or quote that you use when things get tough?

Choose your hard. It can be hard now or a lot harder later.

If you could give any advice to another athlete, what would it be?

Don't live with comparison. Run to your own beat and be proud that you're there.

What is your favorite workout so far in your training program?

The long runs. They hold more accountability.

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