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February Athlete Spotlight - Amanda

Spring is right around the corner, which means racing season is upon us! Many of the GRIT athletes are putting in some big miles and workouts gearing up for some cool events this spring. One of those athlete is Amanda. She is currently training for her first 50K on March 4th. No Man's 50K in Prince William Forest, Virginia. The cool thing about this race is that it is an all women's 50K event! Amanda has a pretty cool instagram (which is where she met Coach Cassie) follow her @Amandarunsraound! Here is Amanda's interview:

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi, I'm Amanda. I'm a military brat turned military spouse. My partner and I met while both of our parents were serving in the USAF in Japan. Shortly after graduating high school, I married my high school sweetheart and now we have 3 kids (13, 9, and 3) and two dogs, a Vizsla and French Bulldog. We are currently living in Virginia, and so far we are loving it.

What is your favorite running snack?

Huma Gels, Tailwind, Sour Patch kids

How did you get started on your running journey?

I've been a causal runner since 2015, but once I met my neighbor in 2016 she convinced me to train for a half marathon. I personally thought it was wild that people pay for a races and medals, but I figured its a distance I have never gone before and why not? Well, I crossed the finish line of that race, wanting more. So I went on to do three more half marathons, then conquered a full marathon in 2018. Fast forward to now, most of my time that isn't preoccupied with family, work or chores, I'm hitting the trails or pounding the pavement.

What keeps you motivated?

It's hard to narrow this down, because it can be many things. How I feel afterwards, being able to conquer a speed workout with confidence, the example I set for my kids, the confidence and ability to know that its going to get hard but going forward is a pace, gratitude for the moment, or even the ability to run, but most of all, I love the challenge of not letting my mind win.

Do you have a mantra or quote that keeps you going when things get tough?

"Because you can."

If you could give advice to another athlete what would it be?

Embrace the suck. Doing something new is always a daunting task and it will suck for a little bit, or a lot. Appreciate that moment of when you were a beginner to what you can do now. It'll all work out, if you keep showing up for yourself.

What has been your favorite workout in your training program so far?

Easy paced long run, or Fartlek!

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