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GRIT Endurance Updates - June Edition

I have great news, our team is growing at GRIT Endurance as we take on new athletes and make more connections with the running community. I want to start sending monthly updates out so that our runners can stay connected and hear what is happening with the team.

In May, we welcomed three new runners-- Jill, Lainey, and Cara. These three incredible women are all returning to running after pregnancy. We also welcomed on Revel who is training for her first 100 mile race at Hennepin 100 in October.

Also in May, Ultra-Marathon runner Jessy, completed her first 50 miler in horrible conditions (all day rain and low temps) at Grayson Highlands 50 Miler in Virginia. I am so proud of her performance as she was able to keep a positive mental attitude despite people dropping from the course all day. Two weeks later she competed in a relay race at Charlotte Whitewater Center in North Carolina with her local running friends.

I have partnered up with Team Run Run (TRR), an online coaching platform that allows athletes to search for the perfect running coach for their needs. I was invited to speak at The Run Show USA on behalf of TRR and signed on a new Athlete, Quin in the process who is training for the Berlin Marathon, which will be his second marathon. He is hoping to go sub-four hours and has a "b" goal of 3 hours 30 minutes.

Personally, I have been transitioning from active duty military service and I was able to obtain a social work position with a local clinic in New Bern, NC as well as a part time position at our hospital. I am also continuing to work on a trauma informed yoga teacher certification and I cannot wait to incorporate yoga into working with my athletes as well as leading local workshops. I am currently maintaining base mileage and plan to start training for the Marine Corps Marathon as my A race for the fall. I registered for this race to reflect on my time spent in the Corps and to end my last year of service with the marathon. This was also my first marathon, so I am excited to run it again and reflect on how far I have come as an athlete in the last 8 years!

I am also working on new strength training programs which will be gradually updated to the you tube channel in the next month or so, so if you want to subscribe to my channel that would be amazing!

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