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Late Summer Newsletter

It has been a busy summer here in North Carolina. I had hoped to post more updates, but with my work schedule and then COVID striking our household, it became a little chaotic and busy. I wanted to share some stories and achievements from the team!

We have two new athletes that have joined us! Jake Bridges and Brittany DeRoche. Jake worked with me last year when he trained for his first marathon, he is currently working on regaining his base mileage. Jake is from my hometown of Wartburg, TN and is also a Marine Corps Veteran. Brittany is joining them team after having her fourth (she's a super mom) baby! She is hoping to do a half marathon this fall and a marathon in the spring. She has experience as a triathlete and ultra-runner. She's ran Burning River 100 miler and competed in ironman distances. Brittany was recently featured on the Run Hard Mom Hard podcast where she talked about her experiences with postpartum cardiomyopathy and postpartum depression. You should definitely go give it a listen, as I am sure she will inspire you!

We have had a lot of athletes racing over the summer!

Jill Rackow ran her first 5K over the fourth of July, running an impressive time 27:36 at an 8:48/mile pace as her first race returning to running post partum!!! She is managing being a mom, going through nursing school, and building mileage to compete in a trail half marathon.

Photo Credit: Jill Rackow

Jessy Siefken has swapped gears after her first 50 mile trail race and is currently training for Chicago Marathon in October. She ran the Surf City Half Marathon in El Salvador recently as her first international race!

Photo Credit: Jessy Siefken

Stacey Gangloff has been hard at work this summer as she trains for YETI 100 Miler in September. She ran her first night race at Night Train 50K in Virginia the last weekend of June and two weeks ago she did the YETI 24 Hour ultra completing 5 miles every four hours for 24 hours. She has one more Big weekend of racing left before she is ready for her first 100!

Athlete Revel Cotsford is also training for her first 100 miler at Hennepin on October 1st. She recently battled some health concerns to go on and finish a 50K as she works up to a 50 miler before her 100. She has been slaying her training plan and building up some impressive long runs as she trains through the heat and humidity. If you are interested in pacing Revel, she is looking for pacers for her race which will take place in Illinois. Reach out to me through email if you would like to help her.

Photo Credit: Revel Cotsford

Joe Perez achieved his goal at his "A" race, battling the heat and vertical gain at SpeedGoat 50K. Joe had taken more than four years off of running and over the last 8 months accumulated more mileage than those four years combined training for speedgoat. Joe fought a mental battled watching his friends and other drop, but reminding himself the sacrifices his family made while he trained for this race.

Joe is Center Right

Photo Credit: Speedgoat Mountain Races SM page

Personally, I completed a summer 10k supporting our local domestic violence shelter while pushing the twins in a stroller in July. I am working up to doing a half marathon with the stroller in September as I train for the Marine Corps Marathon in October. If you all think that this is crazy, my husband recently did a 30 mile training weekend over two days with the stroller while I worked at the hospital; organizing his runs around nap time.

We have several athletes putting in some serious work preparing for Fall races. You all truly inspire me and I am thankful to be your coach. I am getting back on track with creating content. If there are topics that you would like to see posted, please send me some ideas so I can best serve the team!

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