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Discounts for GRIT Endurance Athletes

ROAD ID Always having your ID with you when training or racing is of critical importance. Because of that, I've partnered with RoadiD to give athletes a 20% discount. Please use the following discount link:

PRO COMPRESSION If you love compression socks as much as I do, you’ll love this offer. You will receive 60% off your entire order! Please visit and use code UESCA22. This offer includes everything except “mystery bags” and “grab bags” and is available in the US and internationally.

Sarah Marie Design Studios

A running inspired lifestyle brand. Not another technical/performance apparel company (there are plenty of brands crushing that), we're more about the fun, the inner monologues (we tend to say them out loud and then print them on shirts), the brunches after your race, the beers shared with laughter and the ice baths, the foam rolling, the early morning texts to get out of bed, the wine shared with friends and the perfectly mediocre race time that was the best race of your life. The weekend warriors, the slow runners, the average pacers with hearts of gold, of fire, of passion. The ones pushing kids in strollers, that run before a full day of work, the ones breastfeeding on the side of the road, the middle of the packers, the ones chasing PRs, who plan their runs around happy hours or side jobs, the racecationers, the bachelorette half marathoners, we... we are your people. 🙌 💕 Too much for an about section? well, we're too much... and so are you, so welcome! We celebrate you!

Use this link to shop and the discount code to get 10% off your oder!


NC Specific Discounts

Coastal Sole

Running specific shoe and supply store in New Bern, NC. Tell them Cassie Nevins, GRIT Endurance Coach sent you for 10% off your shoe purchase.

Nordic Cryo Spa

Cryo therapy and spa located in James City, NC. Tell them GRIT Endurance Coaching referred you to get 10% off your services and compression therapy.

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